SEO for Early-Stage B2B SaaS Startups

Put organic user growth on auto-pilot.

Your target audience is looking for you right now… but you’re not showing up, so they’re finding your competitors instead.

If you're thinking...

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Problem #1

Your ideal users are actively searching for what you offer, but they aren't finding you.

Every day, your ICPs are going to Google. Yes, even in the TikTok era, they’re still going to Google too when they need answers and opinions.

They’re asking questions directly in line with your core use cases.

They’re looking for solutions to problems your product solves.

They’re searching for tools that do exactly what yours does.

… but you’re nowhere to be found. 

Problem #2

Your competitors seem to be absolutely everywhere in the Google search results.

When those searches are happening (which I promise you, they are) it’s your competitors that are winning all of the clicks and converting new users while they sleep.

Your competitors are bringing in 1000s of fully-inbound visitors every week.

Your competitors now control the narrative.

Your competitors get to tell your ideal users why they’re the best.

Problem #3

You don't have time to figure it all out or execute everything yourself.

Product development, fundraising, operations, sales…

Your calendar is full.

It’s probably overflowing if we’re being honest here.

You know organic search is a MASSIVE untapped growth channel for your business, but you literally don’t have the time to figure out how it all works and then do it all yourself.

What if you knew exactly what your ideal users were typing into Google & you were on page 1 when they did... without doing it all yourself?

Think about it. If your ideal users were finding YOU instead of your competitors when they were searching, you’d be able to drive…

Sounds great, right?

Well here's how you can get there...


The Early-Stage SEO Accelerator Program

A program designed exclusively for early-stage B2B SaaS startups ready to attract & convert more new users from organic search.

My name's Josh and...

I can help you get more users from search.

I’ve spent years working directly with early-stage B2B SaaS startups like yours, helping them turn organic search into a long-term growth channel with results that compound every single month.

Now I want to do the same with you.

SEO should be results-focused from day one

Far too many ‘SEO gurus’ only care about search volume & impressions. They’ll chase empty clicks and brag about organic traffic growth while hiding the 0.01% conversion rate they’re putting up.

We’re all business from the start.

If your SEO work isn’t leading to relevant organic traffic that converts — you’re burning money.

How the accelerator program works...

Phase 1

Strategy Sprints

We start with three hyper-focused SEO strategy sprints. During these sprints, the focus is on foundational tech & tracking setup, comprehensive keyword research, and content planning.

Timeframe: 4 weeks

Phase 2

SEO Support

After the sprints are complete, you’ll be ready to start executing and shipping new pages. We’ll continue to support with SEO consulting, monthly reviews, and overall guidance.

Timeframe: 3 months

Strategy Sprint #1

Basic SEO & tracking setup

Nailing the basics isn’t the most glamorous part of the process, but it’s essential. If you don’t have the proper plugins & tracking in place, you’ll be pushing a boulder uphill forever—and you’ll never actually be able to see if you’re making progress.

The basics matter, and we’ll do it for you.

In this sprint, we'll...
Strategy Sprint #2

Keyword research & content planning

In order to drive conversions from organic search, you first need to show up in the results when your ideal users are asking questions. If you don’t know which questions they’re asking, you’ll never be able to properly optimize your content.

We’ll help you build a content roadmap that’s focused on actual business metrics, not just impressions and organic traffic. Because you can’t make payroll with pageviews.

In this sprint, we'll...
Strategy Sprint #3

Search-led content brief prep

At the end of the day, winning with organic search requires one major thing—new pages.

You can’t expect to attract any organic visits from people who don’t know about your brand yet if your website is just a single page. You need to create individual pages that speak to specific product features, specific use cases, comparisons, product-focused questions, and more.

We’ll create shells for each asset with all of the technical and structural context you need. All you’ll need to do from there is fill in the blanks with your expert perspective.

In this sprint, we'll...
SEO Support

3 months of SEO consulting & guidance

After we’ve established a proper foundation during the first phase, we take on the role of an SEO advisor for the next 3 months as your organic engine starts to take shape.

The bulk of the execution at this stage will be in your hands, but we won’t leave you high and dry all by yourself. We’ll be on-hand to answer questions & offer advice.

During this phase, we'll...

Who's eligible to apply?

Eligibility is simple.

Seed to Series A B2B SaaS startups with a website.

That’s it.

If you’re pre-Series B or fully bootstrapped and at a similar maturity stage, building a SaaS product, and you have an existing website—not matter how simple—you can apply today.

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