Why the best SEO strategies are also CRO strategies

SEO without CRO is just wasted energy. Visitors in, visitors out. Here's why you need to be able to connect pageviews to key actions.

The biggest mistake most SEO motion’s make:

Ignoring CRO ❌

(aka conversion rate optimization)

If you’re investing in search—content especially—and the pages you’re publishing aren’t optimized to carry visitors toward a next action, you’re wasting energy (and money).

Why you must blend SEO & CRO

SEO and CRO each have one simple focus when you boil them down to their first principles:

  • SEO → focused on discoverability
  • CRO → focused on actions

Blend the two?

You’ve got a machine that drives traffic AND actions.

  • SEO without CRO = empty pageviews that bounce.
  • CRO without SEO = compelling pages with no traffic.

“But Josh, a lot of our content is targeting top-of-funnel prospects who aren’t ready to convert. We’re playing the long game.”

Here’s the thing:

That “next action” you’re carrying visitors toward DOES NOT need to be a closed deal right then and there. In fact, very few of your pages will be trying to make that happen.

The next action can be as simple as…

  • Opening another article a bit further down the funnel
  • Downloading a free template or checklist
  • Watching a recorded webinar
  • Reading a case study

And so on.

If you can’t create these “content rabbit holes” where visitors keep going deeper and deeper into your world, you’ll constantly be chasing (and having to invest in) more and more clicks.


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